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Shape Your Beard Permanently with Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Whether it’s a 3 to 5-day stubble or a careless shabby look shaped to accentuate your jawline, flaunting a beard has become a cool style statement. Sporting a beard is an opportunity for men to make a bold statement as it adds a sense of ruggedness to the face. No more razor burns.

Neck skin is also prone to nips from regular shaving, as it is quite soft and uneven.

Laser hair removal process allows you to have growth only in the beard zone, you can sport even the ‘NO Shave November Look completely clutter-free. No shave for a cause, don’t make you look scruffy.

No more worries about collar rash. Stay cool even in the hottest summer.

It’s often difficult committing to a style, as you might want to try others. This is the best possible way to be both flexible and in style.

The advanced laser hair removal treatment probes are equipped with a super chilling effect to make the sessions almost pain free, in fact, if someone is extra sensitive, numbing cream and application of cool gel can take care of it.

Age can be a guiding factor, the hormonal surge in puberty is high, so 21yrs can be considered a parameter, let your doctor decide.

As beard hair growth is driven by the male hormone testosterone, no. of sessions may vary person to person. The protocol is 6-8 sessions, spaced at 4-6 weeks, based on the individual growth cycle.

Someone with less growth might get up to 80% result even in the first 3-4 sessions.

The laser hair removal has no side effects and can save you endless no. of waxing or shaping sessions.

Follow the simple guidelines provided by your clinic as your skin might be sensitive to external factors like heat and Sun. Keep it clean & wear a prescription SPF.

A clean neck and jawline give you the liberty to always be ready for the occasion even with the last-minute update and a change of plan.