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Dark Circles

Dark circles or Periorbital Hypermelanosis is one of the most common skin concerns faced by both men and women. While women often resort to concealers to hide them, men are often left with no choice but to carry on with these circles. But apart from makeup, is there a solution to this problem which not just takes away the fresh look from your face but also makes you look older than your age.
Before we find out about the solutions, let us first understand the types and causes of dark circles.

Different Kinds Of Dark Circles:

Pigmented or Pigmentary Dark Circles are caused when our skin over produces melanin and does not distribute it properly. As the skin near the eye region is extremely thin compared to the rest of the body, an excess melanin is easily visible. Pigmented dark circles are usually either dark brown or black in color.
Improper circulation of blood and lymphatic liquid around the eye region can cause accumulation of pigment in the thin eye area and cause vascular dark circles. These are usually characterised by blue, pink or purple color.
This kind of dark circle has to do more with structural problems and not dark circles. Loss of fat around the eye region can lead to depression which in turn creates a shadow effect. This shadow is often mistaken as dark circles.

Causes Of Dark Circles

Inadequate sleep,sleeping for long hours, rubbing your eyes and smoking are some of the unhealthy habits that cause dark circles
Age is another prominent factor that leads to loss of fats which creates depression around the eye region to cause dark circles.
Working for long hours in front of the computer screens can strain your eyes which enlarges the blood vessels surrounding the eye region and causes the thin layer of skin around the eye to darken.
Allergic reactions can trigger the blood vessels near the eye region to dilate. As mentioned earlier that the skin in this region is the thinnest, the dilation can lead to dark circles.
Believe it or not, your genes can also be responsible for your dark circles. Hereditary dark circles run in the family for generations and get passed on. So if your parents or grandparents have dark circles then chances are that the darkness around your eyes is a Hereditary dark circle.

Available Treatment Options For Dark Circles

To get a more permanent solution for your dark circles, it is advised to opt for aesthetic treatments that are both safe and effective. Some of the treatment options available are: